Stealth builds being the most fun build in Skyrim is not that easy to play and there are some mistakes that everyone makes while playing a stealth build.

Stealth focus builds are generally the first choice for many players and it is because of a good reason. In the Elder Scrolls, V Stealth-focused archers can deal high damage while keeping themselves that is why stealth builds are rated as best skyrim builds.

While it is easy to play Skyrim as a stealth archer, but there are some common mistakes that many people make especially at the higher level.

Sticking With Common Stealth Focused Races

Unlike other games, build classes in Skyrim are not race specified and any character is as good in any class as any other character. This was done to provide people with more freedom and more options while building a character. This also allows the game to be more focused on skill optimization rather than character creation.

Only Using A Bow

Archery Skill is one of the best in Skyrim but it does have its own weakness like slow reloading time. This can put you at a real disadvantage if you want to hit the enemy in quick succession especially in melee range since you have a high chance of missing your shots. That is the reason why it’s better to pair a bow with another melee weapon.

Not Utilizing Illusion Magic

After leveling up all the main skills enough people often move to Mage class skills because it helps them grind their character more. But people usually end up choosing Conjuration or Destruction which helps them put more damage output. But this is not the correct choice, especially for stealth builds. Illusion is the best choice right now for the Stealth build due to its unique perk which allows you to cast all spells especially powerful spells like Muffle and Invisibility without alerting the enemy.

Not Using Followers

While using followers can be awkward sometimes and might ruin your perfect approach in lower levels. But since all followers can be directed by players, it actually can be useful more often than not despite their tendency to get in the way. Especially in a situation where it’s impossible to get past the enemy without them noticing. It can help you deal with them particularly when dragons are involved.

Investing In Smithing

Smithing is one of the skills that players will eventually have to spend skill points on especially for melee characters due to the ever-increasing health pool of the enemies. But unlike melee character stealth characters especially those who focus on daggers shouldn’t bother and waste their time and skill points on Smithing.